Er der liv på Mars – Bloom

Images of wild plants taken out of their natural habitat and isolated in an undefined  dark space, Photography, variable sizes, 2022.

Exhibition-view from “Ved Floden” at Gammelgaard Kunstcenter, Herlev, Copenhagen (DK). On display from 24/3 – 22/5 2022.

Exhibition-view from “Ved Floden”.

Collage in montre, variable size. 

Er der liv på Mars – Bloom consists of 3 series of images with different sizes and level of detail.
The mesurements are full size 130×180, large 100×100 and medium 50×50 cm. 2021-2022.

Bloom – 50×50 cm

In the series of photographs titled “Is there life on Mars !?” Marie Rømer Westh works with images of wild plants collected at the former airport Tempelhof in Berlin. A place marked by ideological power-demonstrations of the past. The plants are taken out of their natural element and isolated in an undefined empty and dark room. A weightless and empty space reminiscent of the outer space or the bottom of the sea. With these images, Marie Rømer Westh creates an aesthetic and sensual experience of life in a dead space and thus a comment on the idea that human beings can leave earth and live on a dead planet. The full scale series measure 130×180 cm therefore creating a mirroring effect between the viewer and the image thus making projection between audience and plant possible.

Tests for images size 100×100 cm

Natlys, arkivprint på Hahnemühlepapir, 130×180 cm, 2022.

Agersennep, arkivprint på Hahnemühlpapir, 130×180 cm, 2022.

Agertidsel, arkivprint på Hahnemühlepapir, 130X180 cm, 2022.

Røllike, arkivprint på Hahnemühlepapir, 130×180 cm, 2022.

Sections from the large plants are explored with an increasing interest for weightlessness and space.

Horsetidsel, detail, 50×50 cm

Agertidsel, detail, 50×50 cm

Natlys, detalil, 50×50 cm

Vild gulerod, detail, 50×50

Perikon, detail 50×50 cm

Røllike, detalje 1, 50×50 cm

Røllike 2, 50×50 cm

Kartebolle 1, 50×50 cm

Sæbeurt, Figus, 50×50 cm

Regnfan, 50×50 cm

Kartebolle 2, 50×50 cm

Vild kørvel, 50×50 cm